I am having problem joining a computer to a WinServer 2003 domain. I have upgraded a WinServer 2003 computer to a domain
controller. I was joining a computer within that local network to this
domain controller but I got the error messege saying something like
this "domain controller couldnot be found"

I donot understand whats the problem.

When I upgraded the WinServer2003 computer to domain controller,It asks us whether we want to configure the DNS settings automatically or manually. I choosed manually and the upgradation process continued. The WinServer 2003 Computer
was successfully upgraded to a Domain Controller but when I checked the DNS settings in Windows Component in Add/Remove
program,the check was already their on DNS settings.

On client computer I did the following:

I entered the IP address of DC in the preferred DNS Settings of
Client Computer and made sure both are on same subnet.

When I R.C the My Computer ---->Properties---->Computer Name--->Change---->added the domain name and also added the domain name in DNS Suffix, but it was not joining the Domain and giving the error that "Domain Controller couldnot be found".

I even pinged the DCs IP from this client computer and I got replies successfully.

When I clicked on the details of the error it said that something like this:
SV record was not able to locate the DNS

Does anyone know what really could be the problem?