OK... A few weeks ago I started my computer and got the following error message about halfway through the boot up...

The MSVCRT.DLL file is linked to missing
export NTDLL.DLLgetVersionNumbers..

or something very close to that.

It said something about explorer.exe will not load and that I have to reinstall windows.

Well.... there are several problems with that. For one, I don't have my Win98se disk, have been unable to get ahold of one and also i don't have any restore or boot-up disks for my PC.

I have attempted to get the missing file from a cab file, unsuccessfully. Also... I put the file on both a floppy and CD rom but because my PC will only load halfway... the PC doesn't detect either one of my drives.

Now... the most recent advice is for me to obtain a BOOT DISK for my computer. If I obtain one.... how do I go about starting the boot disk? Do I launch it from a command prompt? Then what?

Also... do you believe that a boot disk will enable me to fix this problem? It's been close to three weeks of having no computer and I just want to find some way of getting that missing file on my PC.

Thanks in advance


DELL PIII Dimension T-450MHz
Windows 98se

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The way I see it, you have to relatively easy/painless options.

1. Using a boot floppy disk, boot into windows and get yourself to a command prompt. Switch the boot disk w/ the floppy that has the files you downloaded. Then using DOS commands, copy the files from the floppy to the correct folder (which we could help you figure out).


2. Using a boot cd/floppy disk, boot into windows and get yourself to the command prompt once again. This time, you'll actually need the Windows98 CD. Once you get to the C:/prompt (assuming C is your hard drive letter) type: sfc /scannow then enter.

I know the sfc commands work in 2k and xp, but I've never tried them on 98. Now, I have a system running Windows 98 at home, and Windows 98 has the sfc utility within windows, but I can't check to see the dos functionality until I get home. As soon as I do, I'll let you know.

If you like option 2 better, you can PM me and I'll help you further with solving the problem with the absent copy of 98. Otherwise, we'll help you find the path for the corrupt/missing files for option 1.

Just let us know.


Problem Solved :) Well... after almost a month, I have my PC back. I had the missing MSVCRT.DLL file... but the wrong version. I got the correct one out of my CAB files and put it into the correct directory. All is well now. Thanks... for all of your help.


just a tip about sfc /scannow,its just SFC for win98,and you can do it through start/run at anytime ,using the cd or with the cab folder to repace files

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