Hi, Could anyone tell me that, what is the problem?
I have new laptop hp compaq 6720s with intel centrino core 2 duo 2.10 GHz, 3GB RAM, 3MB L2 Cache, and windows xp sp3. It is just from one month later I buy it. I don't know what happened to it. Approximately 5 to 7 times it happens with me that it hangs on startup. And when I shut it down from power button and power on it again, then it works properly no hanging at all.

I also have Panda Antivirus pro 2009. And some programs that run at startup are a battery gauge, which just show the battery charging. And the blue tooth device run at startup, but that is always shutdown because very minor I need this, and when I have need of it, I turned it On.

One more thing I have genuine windows OS, genuine Panda Antivirus. And all other softwares that I have are genuine.

Please help me if you know any reasons of this hanging. Moreover I also defragment my drives first time. And I don't have any viruses too. Because almost daily I scan with Windows Defender and Panda.

I appreciate your time and very grateful to you for reading whole this my story. And if you know any solutions or precautions please leave a reply.

Take care

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OK, just to get this off my chest... this is what we've all come to expect from those "quality" HP products.... especially so with their Compaq range!! There, I've said.

Couple of possibilities spring to mind, but am hoping others will contribute their thoughts as has been a little will since last had the misfortune of working with XP.

One possibility is a minor corruption in the master boot log (I say minor, because if major it wouldn't just hang some of the time)

Other thought is a bug at BIOS level (had similar problem a while back which cleared on latest update).

As I said though, if anyone can build on this, would be fantastic

With a laptop that new, take it back under warranty.

How I can solve these problems of boot record if there are, or how I can check these that they really got some problem.

The first thing that comes to mind is what is the last thing that you installed on your computer?

The first thing that comes to mind is what is the last thing that you installed on your computer?

I'll tell you the sequence, how I install things.

windows sp2 then upgrade it to sp3
downlad and install windows live messenger
battery gauge
windows Defender
windows calc plus
tweakUI-----------------------------------< I have doubt on it because it plays with registry. But I don't think that after many days of its installation my PC was hanged.
Eclipse and some plugins of eclipse-------I can't doubt on these because I can't do anything without it.
Adobe CS4 suite-------I can't doubt on these because I can't do anything without it.
open office
I think that first hang was there...
axialis cursor workshop trial version
here I have 2 hangs in two days because once I ON my system it remain on for 8 to 10 hours.

If the last thing that you installed on your computer was SP3. That may be your problem. I had SP3 installed on one of my computers which caused the computer to lockup during start up. Once I rolled back SP3, returned to SP2 everything was OK.

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