I have installed a 40 gig hard drive as a supplement to my origonal 60 gig drive. Running xp os. I was able to partition and format the 40 gig drive ok, but am unable to send any data to it. I left-click on a file and my choices on SEND TO menu does not include the 40 gig drive. I go to my computer and it is there, and I can diagnose it and check properties, ect. Any help?

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you mean you cannot send data using the "send menu" option? but how about if you copy and paste using windows explorer, unable to paste data also to that particular drive?

you need to add it to the send to drop down list .

here is how i did it !
go to mycomputer ,right click on the slave drive and click to create short cut ,save it to your desktop, then you make sure you have show all files set ,in mycomputer go to tools /folder options /view ,and check off show all file and folders ,then open start/ Run box .
Type %userprofile% and hit enter
In the folder that opens you should be able to see a folder called "sendto, open it and copy and past the shortcut to the slave you created on the desk top .it should now appear in the drop down list

Caperjack's suggestion worked for me. I am in business. I am not very well versed in proper use of this service, but appreciate it very much. Us senior citizens are not apt to learn many new things, but I hope I remember to visit this website next time I have a problem. I've been looking for this information for quite some time. Thanks again!

Glad that worked for you .
the easiest way to move files around is in windows explorer .
open explorer ,either with the windows key +E or in start ,all program ,accessories , when its open you see the content of your C:\ on the right and the file tree on the left ,you simply drag and drop files from the right side to where you want them to go on the left side !

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