I have recently had trouble with Genie-Soft backup software. I was trying to complete a multi session backup (5GB) and it completed one disc, prompted for disc 2 and then no further prompts. It just continued writing to disc2.

They tell me I need to back up my firmware. I am not sure what they mean by this and their explanation hasn’t helped me.

I have Nero installed on my computer and my CD-RW Burner is Imation. I used the Nero Info tool which showed [1.0] G:\CD-RW CDR 6S52 in the top left of the box and Type: CD-RW Recorder and Firmware Version: CDR 6S52.

I went on to the Nero site which states they will not accept responsibility for any firmware updates.

I haven’t a clue what I’m supposed to do now. It’s taken me ages to get this far and in all honesty, I don’t really know what I am doing. Is the firmware update supposed to be for Nero or Imation. Can anyone help me?

My OS is WinXP Pro


A category of memory chips that hold their content without electrical power and include ROM, PROM, EPROM and EEPROM technologies. Firmware becomes "hard software" when holding program code.

You need to provide the EXACT make and model number of your drive, please. Firmware updates are files which overwrite the 'flash memory' in the drive, which in turn tells various components in the drive how to work correctly.

You need to ensure you get the EXACT update for your specific drive, and they are usually 'flashed' by running the file from a boot floppy or a DOS prompt.

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