All I want to do is replace my old winXP logon screen with a new screen. I have done everything correct over and over for two hours now. The bottom line is that each time I try to copy the new logonui.exe file into the system32 folder and delete the old logonui.exe file, the old logonui.exe file reappears right away. I've tried deleting or renaming the old one with no luck. I've tried renaming the new logonui.exe file to spaceui.exe, then copy it into the system32 folder, and then either delete the old file and rename spaceui.exe to logonui.exe, OR rename the old logonui.exe file to something else and rename the spaceui.exe file to logonui.exe. In any event I feel I am doing this correctly. There is something in the op sys that is keeping me from doing this. Please help!

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