Hi Any1 Help?

I recently had to do a full system restore on my pc as i got a virus on my pc from the internet! it really messed my pc up. I have a basic pc running on win98se. The system restore should have restored it to original condition like the day i got it? but now the desktop isn't resized right. The screen resolution is set to 1024x768 pixels but looks smaller than it should,
it looks similar to when u select 1152x864 when it should be 1024x768!
I've tried moving the slider to 800X600 (looks to big!)

I've updated my graphic card driver but the problem is still there! But it should be ok with the original driver right? I've tried everything (controls on my monitor) etc.

My P.C:

Pentium 3 550mhz
128mb RAM
Intel(R) 82810 Graphics Controller
Plug and play monitor


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Depending on how you restored the system some settings may not have been restored.
If you did a reinstall of 98 and added your drivers you may have missed a setting specific for your video card.
If you restored from an image... ghost or nero or something like that it should have restored all settings.


Thanks for the reply,

I used a ghost - software on my system restore pack which came with my p.c.
I'm puzzled!

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