ok every time i do an install or reinstall of windows xp home there is always something wrong with it
usually it is the same 3 things but never on the same install. this time it isthe system info util.(msinfo32.exe).and the troubleshoot button in the properties window of any given hardware on my system.when i try to use them nothing absolutely nothing no error or anything they just dont work at all

Is this durring the setup process with the blue screen? or is it after you reboot and are in the windows style setup? or is this after your first boot?

Is this a burned CD, or is it a baught one?

after everything is all setup. this reinstall has been on my machine sincethe beginning of last month.and it is a bought cd oem . the only other problem i have encountered in an xp intstll is when i install a new app or game is on the startmenu they appear at the end of the list on this install they always end up in order.

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