hi guys! first timer here. and here's my situation. In IE it takes an extremely long time to load. sometime it times out. called bellsouth they tried all their stuff but couldn't help so now i'm waiting for a return call from them..waiting for a return call? ha ha i thought it might be in my IE but did all the diagnostic and self tests with no luck. still real slow...any and all help will be appreciated. thanks

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In IE it takes an extremely long time to load. sometimes it times out.

How are you getting online? Dial-up, DSL, what? What is your hardware configuration? Did it work at one time, but stopped? More information, please.


I think there is something wrong with your system, maybe you have some virus in your computer, or there are too many programs running


One thing to try is to "clean up" your system. Run things like Disk Cleanup, scandisk and disk defragmenter. And also make sure you have plenty of Hard drive space and available RAM memory. Hope this helps.

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