Hi to the Daniweb community,
I'm new to this aspect of computing but have been around for quite a long time.

Have had computers as a hobby for about 25yrs, building them etc.

Was a mainframe programmer in COBOL, and also PC's with VB.

Now retired but still want to keep up with things.
One of the problems that I have seen crop up lately has been Ethernet Network connection with Windows 7.
I to, have had this happen and found that when I disabled the local area connection (it showed enabled) then re-enabled it, my network was discovered and worked just fine.
Next boot-up, same problem, applied same fix and it worked.
It seems that Windows 7 does not reset the connection properly so every time you boot-up, even though it shows as enabled it is not.
Hope that others might benefit from this info.

Sorry, but if you have to apply a fix every time you boot up, then you have something else going on that's preventing it from loading on start up.
I would check the adapter settings, firewall settings and in Internet Options/Connections Tab/LANSettings, make sure it's set to "Automatically Detect"