So I Downloaded A WoW Trial Thing. And It Says "World Of WarCraft Was Unable To Start Up 3D Acceleration. Please Make Sure Direct x9.0c is installed and your video drivers are up to date. Now for my questions. Is Video Drivers Same As Video Cards? If Not How Can I Update? And 3D Acceleration What Is That? And Honestly Its Just With MMORPGS Like I Play Soldier Front Good. But MMORPG Games Have Basically The Same Problem. Please Help. Ty.

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Is Video Drivers Same As Video Cards?
No,the driver drives the video card ,sounds like maybe your video card is either not installed correctly or is not good enough to run the game. go to control panel ,system /open hardware /device manager ,and make sure video display is ok,no red x's or yellow !'s


Your video card is the actual hardware in your computer. The driver is the software that allows the operating system (Windows) to communicate with it. If you are having trouble with games you always want to try downloading the latest video driver from the manufacturer (Nvidia and ATI are the most common). Most computers these days should run Wow as long as they are relatively newer (within a few years). You can check your directX version by going to Start > Run > and typing dxdiag. It will tell you the version of DirectX at the bottom.

just to answer your other question, "What is 3D acceleration?"
With hardware 3D acceleration, three-dimensional rendering uses the graphics processor on your video card instead of taking up valuable CPU resources drawing 3D images. It's also referred to as "hardware acceleration" instead of "software acceleration" because without this 3D acceleration your CPU is forced to draw everything itself using the Mesa software rendering libraries, which takes up quite a bit of processing power. While Xorg typically supports 2D hardware acceleration, it often lacks hardware 3D acceleration. Three-dimensional hardware acceleration is valuable in situations requiring rendering of 3D objects such as games, 3D CAD and modeling.

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