I don't know about you, but I find this just ridiculous:

The Opera Web browser will be available for Nintendo's Wii starting on Friday

The technology to browse the web has been around for some time now. And I think there was a reason why game console designers didn't have web browsing as a feature for quite some time. Although it sounds nice, here are my thoughts against it.

First of all, most people have a computer. It's as simple as that. Few will buy a Wii before they already have a computer, and although some may not be internet-capable as the Wii is, the vast majority are. Remember, it doesn't take a very powerful computer to display internet sites, other than an ethernet card for the actual access.

Now WHY would you want to browse the web on a game console that operates by waving a remote that allows you to kill objects in the game, and the strap Nintendo's been having problems with lately? Seriously, you type in urls by using an on-screen keyboard. Dear me. Most games limit typing with a controller so that people don't die of frustration. Unless you surf purely by clicking links, which I imagine is also better done with a mouse, you are also going to find that it takes longer to find your way around.

Now think of why you bought the Wii. You probably bought it to play games, right? It's highly unlikely that you bought it to surf the web, or put Linux on it (even though those are both possible). Those tasks are best suited to a computer, which most people should have. So there's no real reason to do it, unless you're either too lazy to get up so you can use your nice computer with a mouse AND keyboard, or your computer is incapable of browsing the internet.

Both are highly unlikely. And this version of Opera isn't completely free, either. At the moment, Opera's at a beta stage, and so the download is free. The final release will be free until the end of June 2007. Then you'll have to pay around $5 to download it from the Wii shop channel. Pay $5 just so you can see the news in text form on an ugly TV? I'd prefer my computer, please.

im looking for sites on the internet where i can download free unofficial wii channels does anyone know a site where you can download it
ps - are you able to download it from the wii internet channel aswell or do you have to transfer it from the computer to the wii.
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