My Toshiba Satellite laptop has a broken screen, but is being used hooked to a monitor. It opens only in safe mode, however. Sound issues from the laptop itself when logging on to Windows Vista, but no sound is available when on internet. Also, the dvd player seems to be broken. The computer checks out as OK for all drivers when running the test. How do I open this up and see what needs to be fixed and fix it?

Did you try contacting Toshiba about repairs? If on the other hand, you really are interested in trying to repair the system yourself, try going to the Toshiba website and see if you can download your system's specs and tear down guides.

With sound it's a driver problem re install audio driver, with screen find a Toshiba service and will change the screen(get money with you).

Generally if you can boot at all into Safe mode, the main system is fine.

If sound doesn't work then it's often a drivers issue or conflict with something else you've installed. Safe mode only boot is a clue to this. You don't say what happens when you try to boot normally (with external monitor). That might help.

Booting into safe mode relies on the graphics card BIOS at 640x480. The higher resolution isn't required so the driver (other than Windows default) isn't needed.

Conflict between drivers can screw up Windows kernel functions and so I'd expect to see a blue screen on normal boot up if my analysis above is any where near correct.

The DVD/CD device could be suffering from the same issue (if it was previously working). If you have a Windows DVD, try booting from it - or have you tried this already?

Have you installed anything new lately that requires drivers? Or updated drivers?