my computer sometimes on start shows the blue screen error with some error message as physical memory dump
i am not able to understand how to sort out the problem..please help to fix the problem..
thanx in advane..

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Good to hear that the issue got resolved..

But still i'd like to suggest you to use this on your computer to keep it away from that kind of isues...
Get the sofware from this link..


Best of luck..

And if the issue is completely resolved don't keep the thread open.. Please mark it solved..:)


physical memory dump.
For my experience on fixing computers with this blue screen message, I must say, change the memory, done with, buy a new one, or if you can get a used one to try first. or maybe, take a mogul pencil, and take the memory out carefully and with the eraser of the pencil clean the gold part of the memory, like if you were to erase something, that's how you clean the memory. it also works must of the time for me.
let us know if it work.

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