When i try to startup Windows it says there is either a software or hardware problem and it gives me two choices;

1: Try system recovery.
2: Normal startup.

When i choose normal startup it goes to the loading screen right before where u ussually put in your loggin info.

Then u see a blue screen very fast and then it shuts down the computer and restarts it.

Then im back where i started at the place where i can choose the 2 options mentioned above.

I tried setting a recovery point but that doesnt work it just says that i cant do a recovery and i get 2 options;

1: Restart computer.
2: shutdown computer.

Can someone please help me? im getting desperate...

i'm using windows vista btw.



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sorry to hear about your problem. ok, here is what to do:

1. run a repair installation of vista. it is most likely a software issue that is causing the problem.

2. before doing the above, hit f8 really fast at startup and disable rebooting on errors. that will let you see the bsod you are getting. i know how you feel, it happened to me before when i corrupted my registry (from stupidity), so i will to the best of my ability help you out.

3. Google the bsod. If you can, take a picture and post it here. THIS WILL help you out tremendously.

4. Use a variety of forums (like i do). Copy your problem and paste onto other forums like:


and many other forums

If you find, when googling your error, that it's a software issue, a repair or reinstall should do. If it is a hardware issue, isolate the issue and immediately replace the failing hardware to prevent further errors.

do you have a windows installation disk. if not, borrow one from a friend and run a repair. DO NOT USE YOUR FRIEND'S DISK TO INSTALL VISTA AND USE HIS LICENSE KEY. YOU WILL GET YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIEND IN TROUBLE (DUE TO PIRACY). This is important. Be sure to make sure you follow the above text in all caps. I am not yelling at you, i am making it stand out to see it better.

If you have tried the above with no avail, post again and i will help you further.


I am using windows vista but its won't start and it is working very slowly so any one can give information about it thank you.



I am using windows vista but its won't start and it is working very slowly so any one can give information about it thank you.


Hi, i know this is your first time posting here, but to get the most customized help, start a new thread with your issue so we don't confuse you with the person who originally had a problem. If vista is running slow, you may have incompatible or slow hardware.

Here's what you need if you are a standard user who uses many programs

  • 2gb ram (1gb if not using much, less not recommended)
  • 80gb hdd
  • 128mb video card

oh yeah, and a 1.5ghz dual core cpu

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