Hi members,
I need help setting up a shared folder. The main computer is wired into a router adn the other computer sees the router with a wireless setup. I can only see the main computer for a short period of time and when I close out of it, it is gone. I don't know how to have a constant connection with the main computer.
thanks for your help

have you turned file sharing on in the network and sharing center? Do you have firewalls installed? I had to configure my firewall to allow access.

I have turned file sharing on and I have turned off the firewall for now. I can see the computers but I do not have access. they say they cannot be read from the DNS server, the name is unknown. I shouldnt have to go through the DNS server right?

thanks everyone for your help. I just used ethernet to hardwire them. Some people have said that when using wireless with the new vista, it does not recognize itself well. for me that was true, when I hard wired it I was able to see all computers and then even the laptop that has windows xp on it could be seen. The error was that the DSN server could not recognize the new vista wireless computers. When I ran through ethernet all was fine. Thanks again for your help, this will work for me.