hi friends
As i had already mentioned in one of my previous doubts, i am using a shared internet connection in our hostel.Can anyone suggest some software to check the bandwidth usage by other users, so that download can be blocked during the peak hours.I want to just see their bandwidth, need not need control over it...

pls someone solve this

Do you have access to the router? Are the connections wired or wireless?

What kind of network do you have on the LAN side?

Does everything connect to your machine, and your machine connects to the internet, using ICS

Do you all plug into a broadband router, and it connects to the internet?
If so, what sort is it (manufacturer / model)

> so that download can be blocked during the peak hours.
This is generally called "traffic shaping"
Searching for that, plus any other terms which describe your situation (like your router model number) might lead to more info.