Tried numerous times to install Scanjet 5590p into both XP and Vista after reformatting them. When scanning to e-mail program, it shows as default Outlook Express, but scanner cannot find the e-mail program. All my trials and attempted solutions failed, but I think the problem is the connection between the scanner and computer - the computer does not find the scanner, although it shows "Found new Devise".

With Vista I have the same problem, only that here the scanner does not recognize the Windows Mail as my default e-mail and goes automatically to Outlook. I do not use outlook - only Windows Mail.

The scanner used to work perfectly in both machines which are set up as a network.

I am totally lost - can someone help??



Are you able to scan and save images? (save to disk not use for a program)

I will let you know if I was able to solve my problem, but at the moment I am very far away from knowing what is the problem and how to solve it.

I am able to scan to document and it takes me directly to Word, it seems not to recognize any other program but for microsoft. It does not recognize PDF only the graphics such as GIF although in the settings it gives me the option of photos and text.

It seems to me that the communication between my two desktop computers (XP and Vista) and the scanner does not exist. Is it caused by my computers or the scanner. Could I have lost a system file in both computers. Is there any configuration I can do in device manager?

I have been told by HP to download the drivers from their site. There were numerous drivers for both XP and Vista and I tried them all and finally gave up and uninstalled everything, waiting for some advice from you.


Just checked Device Manager and found out that under network adapters ISATAP adapter #4 Code 31 appears - Windows cannot load driver. All other devices work properly.

Any idea hows to load the driver?




Have you tried, right click on driver and then clicking on update driver.
I know that with HP as with some others, you will have problems if you plug the printer in to the USB before being asked to, Did you install the printer correctly?


Tried to rightclick on driver, and got message that the driver is installed correctly. However, when I click on properties for this driver, I get a messagte that the driver is not working properly. I have installed the scanner several times following all instructions and connecting it only after being prompted to do it. I have no lost my patience and uninstalled everything waiting for someone to tell me which driver of the ones listed for both XP and Vista on the HP site for scanjet 5590p I should install.

Thanks - mountain man - and where? I am surrounded by mountain ranges here in Switzerland. Cheers,

just tried again to update driver and tried the second option of finding the driver on my computer. Got the message that windows found the driver but encountered an error in trying to download it. Now I am really lost!

Hi again,
I just noticed that on the HP site it states:- "Note: Some download management or acceleration software may cause issues with file downloads. Please disable any download management software if you experience problems downloading a file."


Thanks for the HP links for drivers. will try all of them tomorrow.

I have another question - a few days ago, I found a solution through a link from daniweb to an annoying error message of HKCMD module stopped working and needs to close. I had to do a system restore and this error appears again and I forgot which link daniweb referred me to. Can you help?

There are many references to that problem, Google :-
error message HKCMD daniweb
and you will find many to chose from, see if you can find the answer you are after there.
Sorry I could not be of more help.

Hi again,
Just found this information on another site, I hope it helps you.

"hkcmd - hkcmd.exe - Process Information
Process File: hkcmd or hkcmd.exe
Process Name: Intel Hotkey

hkcmd.exe is installed alongside Intel multimedia devices and allows configuration and diagnostic options for these devices. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

I would suggest reinstalling the software for the above Intel Multimedia device eg. the video card and reboot the system Then run all of the security programs needed. " (ThorXP Jan 06 Bleeping computers)


Thanks for your guidance. I solved the hkcmd problem.

Will try to check out all the links you gave me yesterday for the HP Scanner.

Am thinking of something else. My two machines are connected through a KVM Switch box and now my sound does not work although the speakers are configured correctly and worked two days ago. In device manager of both machines the sound drivers are updated and supposedly work correctly. However, in the Vista device manager, under network drivers, the ISATAP adapter #4 cannot be downloaded and has a yellow exclammation mark next to it. I searched Google and there are many users with the same problem complaining bitterly about Microsoft's drivers. I tried numerous things and finally uninstalled that driver. My wireless network connections work and both machines are connected to the NET, but I cannot hear a sound, nor use the scanner.

Will let you know how far I get with your links re scanner installation.



i have no idea about your problem with sound but if is still a problem start a new thread here and I feel sure, someone here will be able to assist you. Good luck with the scanner.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your info. I resolved the sound and scanner problem which was due to malfunction of my kvm switch box. Asked to have the box replaced and am awaiting a reply.

I have another question. Am trying to decide which version of the new Windows 7 I should get - anything will be better than this useless Vista!

Here in Switzerland, there are OEM and without OEM and the price differs quite a bit. What does OEM mean? and what does it do different from a normal windows 7?



OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. That is the manufacturer like Dell, HP and IBM sell the PC with a copy of windows with it.
There are several versions of 7 and I am not sure what is what, I know that they have two the same with different names...???
Here is a bit of info on 7 go there and try to make up your own mind.
Don't ask how, but I have installed a copy of 7 tried it for a few days, and have gone back to XP, the same as I did with Vista. I like XP better that any of the other OS. But that is me, you may like 7.
With the prices quoted in the site I gave you, it might be better to wait till you are ready to upgrade your PC and get a new one with Windows 7 installed.
If you decide to buy 7, I would suggest that you install it on a separate drive/partition until you decide you want to keep it. It is much easier to delete a drive or partition than to try and revert back to your old OS.

Have fun.....

Have fun

Hi again,
If you told us that you had a KVM swith box, we could have told you that is where the problem would be....
Just joking, I have never had anything to do with one and would have no idea how they even worked. I know what they are just never used one.

If you are now happy, please mark this thread as solved.