As i was installing Nero 7 premium after some time of installation a dialog box opens with "unable to access shell manager" and OK only. Then i click ok installation wizard opens with message "The wizard was interrupted before nero 7 Premium could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified. to complete the installation at another time please run the setup again
click finish to exit wizard."
I tried again and the same problem exist.
I see the program in control panel as currently installed programs but i have no any shortcuts to start the programs in program menu But a folder was made in C:\Program files\nero
From there also i cant run program
and try to remove but again i a dialog box opens with "Fatal error in installation" And removing program fails.
How can i get out of it?

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I suggest to delete the folder of nero in program files and go for re installation....

As I recall I had problems with NERO and even got an error message saying known compatable problems with XP so I used the compatable setup for win98 and I have no problems now

this doesnt solve the problem

Have you checked our Control Panel to see if it is listed there? If it is then uninstall from there and restart computer to try again on the installation.
Are you comfortable/knowledgeble about working with the registry?

Yes nero 7 premium is listed in control panel and i cant uninstall because while uninstalling a dialog box opens with "Fatal error in installation" And removing program fails.
I am not comfortable about registry but i hope if you give idea i can do it

Back up the registry (export).
Remove any entry in registry that refers to
(Ahead) Nero.
Then delete Ahead Nero in Program Files.
Try Re-install

Serch the net for a free download of an uninstaller program. download it and use it to fully uninstall Nero and then reinstall.
Free Uninstaller 1.1 - FREE DOWNLOAD is one such program

the main problem is that i cant run uninstaller properly. Which the uninstaller 1.1 also doesnt fix.

Try installing Nero to a diferent folder IE make a new folser called Nero X and see if that works

I am also getting this problem with the Nero 9 update installation.i.e.about the shell manager. What is the shell manger please?

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