Hi ra,

Recently I downloaded Windows Server 2003 Ent. Edition from the microsoft
website, and during installation it is giving me errors like bootvid.dll,
kdcom.dll, c_1252.nls.... files are missing and couldn't install the
operating system, could you please guide us what could have been the

I am trying to install a second operating system which already has windows XP.
I tried to install from my already booted Windows XP, it asked me to install
fresh copy and asked the cd key and all, after that it restarted the
It asked me to boot from the CD, but I did not choose that one, so it showed
me 2 operating systems toboot from
1. Windows XP
2.Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Setup

I selected 2nd option and continued with the setup. (blue screen)

it showedSetup is starting windows.

Setup started

It asked me to select a drive to install the windows 2003 server. I selected
D; Drive
It asked me to choose the file system, I selected leave the current
filesystem and continue.

In the bottom of the screen it showed Creating list of files to be copied,
it copied some files and then showed me this screen

---------------------------Blue Setup Screen shows like
"Setup cannot copy the file :bootvid.dll
>To Retry, press ENTER
If you are installing from a CD, make sure the windows CD is in the
CD-ROM drive.
>To skip this file, press ESC.
CAUTION: If you skip this file, setup may not complete and windows may
not work properly.
>To Quit setup, press F3.

in the bottom
ENTER=REtry ESC=Skip file F3=Quit
when I ESC or skip thefile, the same scren appeared with the file names
..... and so on

I had to quit the setup, I tried serveral time but no use.
well I am sure that the CD is not corrupt. even I tried to install directly
from the hard drive, its behaving the same. however, Today I noticed that
before rebooting it is copying all the files in the C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT and
this folder has all the files which are informed as missing files from my
CD. but still the installtion setup not able to locate these files from the
c: Drive, I tried to copy that directly to D: Drive, as I am installing the
server version on D Drive. but still the installation setup cannot locate
these files. what could be the problem with the installation.

can U help me to solve this


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Hm, are you trying to install Windows 2003 Server Evaluation version? If yes, then read ahead:

I recently downloaded the same software from Microsoft's site. Make sure to download both images, and burn 2 CDs from them.

On my machine I have 3 operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server Ent. Edition, and Ubuntu.

Everything runs fine now, but in the begining, during the installation of Windows 2003 I had real problems with installing the additional components. What seemed to solve it was to download the latest Service Pack and to install it before hand.

Also, make sure that there were no errors during the cd burning process.

Also, i hope you are installing the 2 operating systems on different partitions?

Dear sibir1us,

Well to start with, yes I downloaded from the microsoft and I have 2 cds burned and with out any errors during burning process. and to make you note, that Ihave also tried with normal version(not downloaded from microsoft site) also but it is behaving the same. as I already mention the installtion is creating a directory in the C drive C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT and it has all the file which were quoted as missing during the installation and I am trying to install Win sever 2003 OS on Drive D: and my C Drive has windows XP.

help me out.




Have your tried running a CRC check to validate the downloaded file. If not, look on the WHS site for intsructions on how to check this. You will also need to download a 3rd party tool from the web to check the CRC, but you can google for that.


there are two type of installation u can install xp 2 with the hard drive intsallation by inserting cd while the desktop is on n choosing upgrade or new installation n copies file in c: the another one is switch on pc boot cd with the bios n its says u press u to continue ..... if u have bootvid.dll problem ??? so if u have gone with my way i can solve ur problem .. past i have install xp2 with the hard drive installation so by inserting cd n choosing upgrade or new installation n it copies setup files to C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT. n restart so on boot screen u will be microsoft pro.... n with after some steps its says me bootvid.dll so when i replaced dvd rom with cd rom n switch on my pc n repeated the proced'ure n restart the pc got into microsoft pr..... i have solve my problem .. if u didnt solve the problem change ur cd first n get another fresh cd n boot it with bios .. n its says u press any key to continue ... or by usb by using usb it ccan solve ur problem.. thx hope this help u ............... BY SAW

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