I've been having this problem lately. My time is set an hour behind. Like right now it says it's 12:52PM when it actuality it is 1:52PM.

I have changed it an hour forward before but it just reverts back to an hour behind. Can I get any help? It just started doing this after I reinstalled windows for the second time.

Thanks in advanced!

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Vista by default automatically syncs your time to a timeserver (time.windows.com I think), but what your seeing is typically caused by 2 options.

1. Double check your time zone, if your in Central time, make sure your set to 'Central Time (US & Canada)' instead of just 'Central time' or 'Central America'

2. There should be an option in your time settings under control panel to have it 'adjust for daylight savings time', If your in the USA or Canada (which I'm assuming based on the time in your post) make sure you have that enabled.


Thanks! That worked! I feel slightly dumb for not thinking of that but thanks so much again!

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