How do I change the settings to automatically have programs install to drive d instead of drive c?

Thanks you have been very helpful. I posted a question last night on new computer questions, and you sugested not messing with the services. What is your suggestions as far as using screen saver, leaving comuter on all times, disabling power schemes, themes, etc...

I am new to computers and just want to get the best out of my system. Basically all I use it for is checking email, browsing internet, and word documents. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Avoid themes and themes software like the plague. In fact, avoid any and all software gimmicks which 'pretty up' your PC or add 'cute' features.

Leave the settings you mention at Windows defaults. Change them only if they prove a problem to the way you work.

If you use your PC a lot, don't be afraid to leave it running 24/7, as long as it is not in any extreme climate conditions which will make it run iverly hot.

Install Firefox and set it as your default browser. Ensure you have Spyware detection and removal tools installed as well as AntiVirus protection, and make sure you use a Firewall.

The 'best' you can get out of your system is smooth and reliable operation, not benchmarks which blow away the neighbourhood because you've 'tweaked' the system to its ultimate.

Keep it well maintained, both by regularly running defragmentation and drive cleanup tools, and by regularly opening the system up and keeping it clean from dust.

Don't do leeching of music, movies or warez software, don't install every cheap or free program you see or someone tells you about.

That's the basics of getting the 'best' from your PC!

I am using Firefox. I have spyBot and Adaware for spyware detection. Using AVG as antivirus. Also running dsl with router and using xp's built in firewall. Is this ok?

Sounds pretty good to me. You might consider changing to a more comprehensive Firewall, such as ZoneAlarm, if that ADSL router doesn't already have NAT and SPI protection built into it. Keep it all updated, and have the security tools set to background scan.

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