I am currently on a Gateway laptop because I cannot boot my other computer. The problematic system is running WIN XP w/SP3. I somehow picked up a virus called Win32.virut.ce. As I was trying to extract it by running Norton Internet Security's Anti-Virus, Spy-bot Search & Destroy, MalwareBytes and Panda Online Anti-Virus, it just kept replicating and downloading more and more viruses and spyware. At this point, I tried to restore the registry with a 3rd party application called RegCure. This is where the trouble occurred. Apparantly, the OS couldn't recognize the restore file and it changed the Boot Record to one that was possibly corrupted, either by the virus or to one that was too old to be recognized by the OS. Now I'm in a constant re-boot loop. I can't access Safe Mode, Windows Directory Repair mode, or even the Recovery Console. I keep getting a BSOD and the system re-boots. HELP! I just got the system back after a major upgrade and I didn't have a chance to do a system backup! I can't afford to lose all the data on the OS, it is over 300 GB filled with personal data, music files, business data, etc. There is no way I can transfer it to DVD's, there is too much data. Is there anyway I can get back to my MBR and continue extracting this virus?

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It's no need to lose all data, it's your HDD partitioned ? Always you can access recovery console from installation disk!

The only way I think you can save your files is by removing the HD and connecting it to another pc and copy the files over.
The virus you have calls for a reformat. There is no other guaranteed way to remove it.
This virus infects executable files, so be careful what you transfer.
Here is the link I posted in your other thread; http://miekiemoes.blogspot.com/2009/02/virut-and-other-file-infectors-throwing.html
Please do not double post.

Yes, my HD is partitioned into C/D/E/F with the OS and User accounts on the C:\ drive. I've tried booting into the Recovery Console from the WIN XP CD, but it goes through the load screen then goes to a BSOD and back into the boot loop.

See my post above yours.

Yes crunchie, thanks for the reply. I did see your posted reply. I just wanted to reply to reganstar so he didn't think I was ignoring him. Thanks for the input, sending the system to my techie nephew for recovery/blasting!~minsrelPA

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