My Messenger is not working. I have PIII@ 450 Win98se, i am using mobile set for accessing Internet. It was working all fine until one day i was prompted to upgrade my messenger to the latest version. Since then I have not been able to log in to messenger.

I get this error
" We are unable to sign you in to .net Messenger Service. Possibly because of a problem with the service or with your internet connection. Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet."

-i am able to surf the net and download too.
-On checking the service status it say all systems are working fine.
-Got the latest version of the messenger.
-Could there be a problem with the protocols.
-None of my messengers are working, like yahoo.

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I wonder if you are using some firewall that went south (bad). Also check to see how many network connections you have (local area connection 1, local area connection 2, dial-up adapter) I would suggest removing any of the ones your not using. As another option you could try removing all network adapters (if you have the drivers, if not download them before you remove them), and reinstall them.


I use a proxy server and when ever i go to log on to messenger it says that i behind a firewall. this is when using Http. When i use SOCKS 4 or 5 it says that the is a problem with the connecton. all the details are correct in the messenger connections tab and indeed also in the Internet Explorer Options. PLEASE HELP!!!!! :?:


tanxs for all your replies. will try them out. and lets see what works. could it be a problem of thhe protocol. i think these messengers use UDP. Question to all the techies, is UDP part of the TCP/IP?
amzing things do happen, and one day sudenly the messengers were working. that was the only day they worked and than back to the same problem.
Secondly could it be the connection speed. lately the speed has been very fluctuating and sloww too.

Thirdly y i think so? B'cause none of the messenger are working.


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