I recently got a new computer equipt with Windows Vista. My last computer used XP and I was very competent using a variety of bit torent programs. With Vista I've successfully downloaded several torrent programs that are Vista friendly, I've even successfully downloaded things using the programs, but when the job is finished all that there is (in the designated downloaded folder) is the job itself. There's never any torrent downloaded to the actual computer, just the program.
Is there come sort of setting I need to set to have Vista interact with these programs properly?

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Never heard of this problem before. Testing mine now.

EDIT: Works fine here.


i had the same kinda problem with bit lord on vista where when i right clicked to locate download it never could but i found if i browesed to the folder manually through explorer my download was there so try that! (if its makes sense)


i use azuerus 3 (Vuze version) with vista and i havent had any problems.

except with windows UAC (user account control) which doesnt like some torrents!

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