Help please,
At my wits end with my HP laptop and after it didn't work for the second time after having the motherboard replaced twice, (repair shop's advice), due to strange 'tartan' patterns on the screen, I accidentally deleted my recovery drive. Now, I just wanted to re-format the hard drive to see if that would make my computer work, but in doing so, I've accidentally deleted the D drive. Could some super brain possibly help me get it back or is it doomed to computer hell forever?


If there is no important data, use partition magic software and delete all you hard drives, re-format them and install new os.
And it would be better to prepare for some issues, because not all laptop facturers lets to do it easily, need some info to load PM in DOS.

P.S. If it sounds too hard, find a friend who understand that or go to some computer repair center or smth.

Good Luck

I have all my data backed up onto an external hard drive, so I just might give your suggestion a try. What do I have to lose?

If you have deleted your recovery drive, how are you going to do the windows installation? You will have to restore the deleted data so you can do a reinstall. Do not download or save anything to that drive if you intend to recover the data.

I would get the installation disk (any disk of your exact operating system will do) Delete all particians when you get to that option. Reformat and install using the key code printed on the windows sticker that should be affixed to your laptop. Go to and download any drivers that are missing in device manager. (You may have to get your network adapter driver with another working computer and store it on a flash drive or some kind of media to install on your machine) If there are multiple drivers for the same device at, use any version of everest (which is available at many sites online) to determine which driver is right for your system. This is a sure-fire way to get any machine back up and running as long as you have the right installation disk and a valid key code. You can then reinstall your programs and then get your data back from the backup disk you mentioned........good luck and enjoy the experience....willis100