hi all,
I have a really weird problem with my windows xp. Everything works ok but when I load explorer and open drive c: all I can see are the folders - without their names. To be exact, the names are there but their text font is white, so if you click on a folder the name is displayed but otherwise is invisible.
Is there anyway to fix the font of the text for the folders on drive c:?
any help is appreciated :)
Thx in advance:)

P.S all other drives work ok!

Right click you "Desktop" click "Properties" and then change your "Themes" to something else and try again.
If that has not fixed your problem, you may have a virus or malware Go to:-
Download and run to remove any viruses you may have. (Sometimes a virus will stop you accessing an anti-virus site, so try going through safe mode (Tap F8 on boot up) and see if you can access it there.)
Then go to :-
Download, run then quick check your PC for any problems, if still there do a full scan.

If that has not helped, then maybe a Windows repair is required. If you want to repair your installation with your OS disk, go to:-

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thank you very much :). I'll try all that in the morning though :)