i have a dell 3000 i was up grading the RAM. so i went out to the garage and used the air to blow out 3 years of dustk i then put in the new ram. this is where i goofed up i did not get the top on the card in completely. when i started the computer the power fan came on the light came on and it beepd 1 time and shut down.
i check found the card goofed so i fexed that plugged it back in same thing 1 beep 1 blink and it shutts off. i put the old ram back. same thing. i unplugged all the drives same thing. so i pulled the battery to clear the BIOS now no beep just turned off in 5 seconds. after 5 trys now i get 1 beep and it turns off?????


It sounds like you have disturbed a connection with your cleaning. check every plug going into and out of your motherboard and other hardware.
1 beep is the normal sound a PC makes when booting. Continued beeping is normally the result of RAM failure. No beeping could be from the disconnection of the Motherboard's speaker.
Not getting the RAM in correctly should not damage the computer and therefore, placing the RAM in correctly later should allow the PC to work.
Do you get any start screen?

do as suggested by Bob..check for any loose connection..check also whether your processor and heatsink and fan are seated properly..and if possible add some thermal paste to your heatsink..

or start from scratch remove all cables.. just your RAM..Processor..and your Mobo..check whether your system can have a display..

thank you for your help
the only time i get any thing is when i first plug it in. pushing the power button dose nothing. the fans turn on then (1) beep and then the it shuts down. i have unhooked all the drives to no avail.

It sounds like your Mobo or power supply is shot. Take it to a supplier that will check it for you (a one man operation) if so, upgrade to one that will still take your PCU and memory unless you want to spend a lot more.