Up until about a week ago I was able to save a picture as a JPG file from a web page.Now I cant
Any suggestions?
Even if the picture loads as a JPG I still dont get the option when I right click - Save As. Only option is bmp


Old problem. Simple answer. Delete temporary internet files. In Internet Explorer click on:

Tools - Options - General - Delete files

Thanks Catweazle

It worked ( but You knew it would )

I have never come across that prob before and was stumped.
Such a simple solution.
Iappreciate you taking the time to answer


I've tried deleting temp internet files, changing the "do not save encrypted pages to disk" button on the advanced page, rebooting, even updating microsoft with all the latest downloads necessary for XP, however still can't save images back to .jpg

Every photo saves as .bmp

Thanks in advanced for any help anyone can give.


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