can anybody tell me.How should i do password protection to the folder in windows xp.Kindly let me know the idea.any help would
be highly appreciated.

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you can use software. folder guard or ohter. if your partition is NTFS format then you can use windows default option.

you can use windows cipher.exe at command line or use cacls.exe at command line also to restrict users to access particular folders..

partition is already in Ntfs Kindly let me know the idea.Any help
would be highly appreciated.Kindly find the attachment also.

when i put at Dos Prompt c:/>cacls sap.i got only some detail
of the folder.But i want to do password protection to the sap
Folder.Kindly let me know the idea.any help would be highly
apprecaited.Kindly find the attachment also.

c:/>cacls sap

no problem just click on this link
you can download a software,i use lock folder xp 3.6
you can choose any program you want

Hi yousufbilaal,
Did you check the prices for the programs you offered???

Is that your full version that you uploaded for the poster. If so that would make it a pirated copy, bypassing the owners site and making it free to download.

either you download it free or you buy the software. the choice is yours.

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