All I get is a black screen, continuous beeping, fan motor running-stopping, running-stopping, no keyboard, no mouse. Help, advice, assistance most appreciated.


One of the first things you should do is find out what motherboard you are using. Post your system specs if you know them.

Once you know what motherboard you are using you need to find out the beep codes by searching the web or looking in the manual.

Then count how many beeps there are and the type fast beeps, long beeps etc.. then you should know the error and hopefully how to fix it.

- Let us know how it goes

This look like a hardware problem. if it still under warranty, the it back to the vendor. If you can check the memory and see.

Open you box, disconnect and immediately reconnect all connections to all the components inside. If you can get compressed air, blow it clean of dust, if not use a paint brush and brush it as clean as possible.
The memory chip could be the problem with continuous beeping. Remove you chip/chips (RAM) clean the connections with a pencil eraser and replace (Do not touch contacts with your fingers) Turn on and try again.
If this fails, get a bag of concrete mix, mix it, fill the box with concrete, connect a chain and use your PC for an anchor for your boat. LOL..

commented: Bob's advice solved the problem +3

Thanks Bob, your advice solved the problem. I'm real glad that the problem is solved, because I do not own a boat! (LOL...) Thanks again Bob.

Thanks for your help. Dust was the problem.

Thanks for the assistance. In the end plain old dust was the problem.