Hi there,

Well my computers broken. i have Windows xp. So i start it up and everything looks normal, it goes onto the windows loading screen and the loading bar moves as normal but then gets a bit jerky near the end and then after that, it just goes to a plain black screen with just my cursor showing (which i can move).

Ive tried Safe mode ive tried last known configuration ive tried ctrl alt del and still nothing... ive even left it on through the night after being told that windows can sometimes fix the problem itself. Ive tried switching it off at the wall aswell.

What i think could have caused this problem is what i did the night before:

I tried to download an old game off the internet (Carnivores 2) site looked fine an not dodgey at all. When i clicked open file nothing seemed to happen so i got worried and tried to shut it down (i panicked and thought if i turned the computer off a virus couldnt get in :P) Im not very computer smart.... anyway so i told the computer to shut down but it wasnt so i held the power button down for 10 secs (done it before and its been fine) then i tried to start it up again and got the black screen with the cursor :(.

Very sorry for the long post but i felt i needed to explain it well so i could get help on it. Please ANY feedback at what might help would be very appreciated. If i dont get this problem fixed before my dad gets home hes gonna kill me!:S

Thanks for reading.

Thank you for your detailed post but you could have added more.
What happens when you try safe mode?
What happens when you press ctrl, alt and del?
Have you tried ctrl.alt and del in safe mode?
Do you have the Windows XP CD?
What PC do you have?

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