Is there a way, in Windows Vista, to prevent certain programs from saving files to a certain folder?

The reason I ask, is I recently opened a document from an email, made a bunch of changes, and saved it, not realizing it had saved to the Temp folder. Later, unable to locate the saved version, I opened it again from the email, thus overwriting the changes that were in the saved version. I do not want to do this again! I want to receive some sort of warning that will prevent me from accidentally saving files to the Temp folder.

So I thought, if I could deny that privilege to Word, and Acrobat, and a few other programs I commonly use to open email attachments, that might do the trick. However, I'm open to any other suggestions that might keep me safe from my own stupidity!


What email program are you using?

Most programming editors have a "Save As" feature that let you save to some other name or to another directory.
When you edited your attachment, then saved, the attachment was saved to the TEMP directory, which is the default behavior in WIndows and probably on Macs as well. When you edited the attachment again and saved, the modified document stomped on the saved file, and you lost your previous changes.

Solution: when you edit and save an attachment, save the changed file to a different directory, or change the attachment's name when you save the file.

One other idea: if you have a file that has important changes, and you have to keep the same name and location, then change its properties to read only.