Well I don't understand why Microsoft still supports Windows NT 4.0 it's such a bad useless operating system, when they cut off support for the windows 9x series even when the earliest version of windows 95 is a much better windows than NT 4.0, NT 4 doesn't even support Fat32 and why have ntfs support if you still can't have a large hard drive, Windows 98se blows NT 4.0 away minus the crappy ntfs support, To me it seems that Microsoft should have dropped support for NT 4 instead of 98.. What do you think, Why still support NT 4. it's an outdated windows that is older than 98, NT 4 comes with Internet explorer 2.0 when 95 had Internet explorer 3, 98 came with 5.0, NT 4 is like windows 3.11 with win32s and the win95 user interface, Yet they still support it, Why..

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I thought that they haven't supported it since 31.12.2004...

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