we can not view our website, but we can connect to any other site on the web.

I'm pretty sure the problem is DNS, but i'm not sure how to fix it.

Our website is ourcompany.com and the domain is the same. What information do I need to fix this?

Thanks everyone.

I'm horrible with dns... :sad::mad:

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we also can not log on to our website if we logon to the computer instead of the domain...



* Can you reach the site by using its IP address instead of its URL?
* Can you ping the site, both by URL and by IP address?



the site works find when we use a dns server with a name other than ourcompany.com

If I'm understanding everything you've said, we have the following scenario, yes?:

1. You can reach other sites without trouble when using your own DNS server.
2. You can resolve your own domain name when using other DNS servers.
3. You cannot resolve your mycompany.com URL on your own DNS server.

If that's all correct, I'd say you probably have a misconfigured A Record for your mycompany.com URL on your company's DNS server. This Google search contains several links to information which should help you verify and resolve the issue.

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