Please help me how to repair this one...i watched dvd movies yet some of them wont play...there's a video but no audio to avail...

your advice will be greatly appreciated!


Maybe they are silent movies. LOL.
Sorry about that, please supply a lot more information about your PC and what program you are playing movies with, what system the DVD's are (home made, video 9 etc.) What is the difference between the ones that work and the ones that will not? and any more information you can think of to help work out your problem.
Just imagine, emailing your doctor "sometimes when I speak there is no audio to avail..." Would you trust what he told you???

im using Windows Xp - Home edition V 2002 SP 3.
specifically the Blue Ray type of movies that the MWP cant read.
hope that helps...


Not much, what program are you using to play the DVDs? Which DVDs will it play? What is the difference between the DVDs it will play and the ones it wont? Can it play a DVD one time and then not play the same DVD another time or will some DVDs never play? Will the DVD that will not play in your PC work in your DVD player on your TV? Are the DVDs pirated or full retail versions?

1. im using Windows Media Player V 9 in playing all DVDs
2. the only problem is that the Blu-Ray disc labeled plays yet without sound.
3. the difference is that the label Blu-Ray disc wont produce a sound.
4. this Blu-ray disc only seems to be the problem. the other DVd's i got is ok.
5. i haven't tried it on TV coz i dont have one at the moment.
6. hmmm...mybe coz its pirated..yet some of my pirated dvd's works fine..


Hi again,
Sorry but this site is unable to assist you to find a fix for a pirated problem. Buy legal or suffer the problems, Sorry...