Hey guys, I'm having a problem with a laptop I just received a few days ago. The model is a Dell Latitude LS (P3/400 mHz/256M RAM/Win2000Pro) and to my surprise had Windows XP/SP2 installed running quite smoothly. I planned on simply using this machine to run older games/emulators so I could remove them all from my desktop. And for taking a few movies on the road with me when I'm out of town. Anyway on to my problem.

Altho WinXP seemed to be running well, I decided to install Windows 2000 Pro. Once I booted up for the first time it was running unusually slow. I opened up task manager and found "System" (NOT "System Idle Process") was using 90-99% of my CPU power. I figured installing most of Dells latest drivers would solve this problem, but installing even the slightest thing takes a hell of a long time now. I was hoping someone knew exactly what the problem might be so I don't spend the next week installing random updates hoping to rid myself of this problem.

If you guys need any more information about my system please let me know! Thanks so much in advance for any info on the matter. =D

I would like you to do some logical troubleshooting here.

Step1: Try to boot win2k in safe mode, then move to safe mode with N/W.

if that works fine then move to Step 2:
Step 2: Boot Win2k normally and try to disable all the thrid party services using msconfig utility. Also disable all the startup items.

Then do a step by step elimination to see which one causes the problem.
If this does not resolve then it could be a Kernel mode filter driver which can cause this issue. Further troubleshooting become more complex but be done. Let me know.