Hey everyone, yesterday I was on my computer, talking to some friends via AIM and YIM, and my internet went out on me, but it actually wasnt out. A little image of two computers appeard in the taskbar, and said, Local Area Connection, little or no activity. I rebooted about 6 times, and still no change does the same thing over and over. So then I thought well maybe its the Cable company, so I shut down the internet line with the standby button, and shut the computer off. I then woke up this morning and the same thing, wont connect, little or no activity. So I decided to come downstairs to my dads computer to see if it was working, and it does ( Wireless, his computer gets the connection, but mine isnt getting it ).

Right now I have the computer setup through a Netgear 4 port Wireless Router. I cannot even access the router homepage through the ip. So I have no clue what I should do, anyone who could possibly help that would be great.

If you need more information please let me know, but right now thats all I can think of.

By the way, this is the first time the machine has ever done this, so I am in total lost.



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Question ..... Who's computer has the internet connected yours or your dad's ?

It sounds like ICS (Internet connection sharing) has gone out of sink. has your dad changed anything as far as IP addresses is concerned ?

Firstly disable the firewall
you can enable it again later
Check that you can see the other computer's in your network
If not set the computer with the internet connection on it to IP address
Set your computer to IP adress
set on your computer the default gateway to look at your Dads computer to see the internet =

and set DNS to same

and lastly make sure you are in the same work group

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Yea, this happend to me millionz of times, but the fact of the matter is, dont worry about it!, usually it happens when u disconnect a lac connection or whatever, while your computer is running. Most times when this happens to me i restart(though not working for you), but I suspect it can also be due to, the posible distance of your Wireless router. You should also try connecting and disconnecting the router, or try establishing a repaired connection with that connections dialog that the icon brings you.

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