I created ftp server with IIS in windows xp sp2.
Also i forwarded the port of the router.

But I can't acess the ftp using ftp://<IP>

it says,
ftp folder error
windiws cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have perfmission to access this folder.

Connection of the server was reset

What is problem. plz help

Well, do you (and the IIS server) have folder read permissions on the ftp root you defined?

yes, i gave all the permission.(read & write)

When i access it though localhost


it can be accessed.!!

can it be a problem in port forwading. I'm not much familier with that. & I am not comfortable with the way I did it.I just configured the IP address of my computer & set of ports using the router's portforwading

please help me with this.