I'm trying to completely remove Norton SystemWorks from my computer (without reformatting).

I've already used Add/Remove Programs to uninstall it.

I ran the SYMClean utility (because I've had older versions of Norton on this computer), but it said there was nothing to remove.

I ran the SymNRT utility, and it ran for a few minutes then said it was finished -- it didn't say whether it removed anything or not, but to reboot to complete the removal.

Now when I go to regedit, I not only have a Symantec folder, I have a SymNRT folder as well.

Will it hurt anything to just delete the HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE\Software\Symantec and HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE\Software\SymNRT folders completely?

If I do searches for Norton and Symantec, can I just delete anything I find or can that cause problems? I've already backed up my registry (before uninstalling Norton, and then again afterwards).

Which version of Nortom System Works? There are two removal tools, and I'm not sure that SymNRT is the correct one for you to use.

Full details of the product, please?

I just removed SystemWorks 2004; prior to that I had 2002 and I know there are still some remnants of that as well as the 2004.

OS is XP Home, if it matters.

Check the Symantec website Knowledge base in their support section.

Do a search for both products using 'manual removal' and 'manually remove'.

That should find you manual removal instructions.

I guess I forgot to mention I did that too (haven't actually deleted anything yet, just went to the locations). It gives instructions for removing things within the folders, but I was wondering why I can't just delete the entire folders?

Hey Danny,

As always, the "your mileage may vary" caveat applies, but:

I've done the manual removal thing, including Registry pruning, for Norton/Symantec products and other programs without any ill effects.

Due to shared library issues and the like, it can be hairy if you've got different versions of the software installed and you're trying to get rid of the older ones while leaving the newer ones intact. You said that you want all of it off your system though, so that shouldn't be an issue.

In terms of programs' main/root folders under HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE\Software\ and other Registry locations, I've found that uninstallers often leave those hanging around, even if they've removed all of the contents of the folders. If I'm totally removing a program, I always whack those folders if I find them just to make sure that there are no references to the program left hanging around.

That's my $0.02 worth from experience. Back up the Registry, take a Restore snapshot as an added fallback, and make sure you've got boot disks handy just in case...

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