I administer a small network server running Win Small Business Server 2003 SP2. All users' profiles are set to use Z: as a Home folder, which connects to their shares on the server data disk. Thus, everyone's Documents folder gets mirrored to the tape-backed server.

Since space on the data disk is getting slim, I purchased TreeSize Pro to help me figure out what space could be freed. I noticed one user's Recycle Bin contained over 7Gb of files, but when we chacked the on his PC (running Vista Business), the Recycle Bin was empty. On the server, windows reports that the Recycle Bin has over 900 files taking up that space, but doesn't display them and has the "Empty..." command greyed out in the right-click menu. TreeSize actually shows the names of folders we are aware of having moved out of the Home folder, but we can't see them locally to empty them from the RB.

So, my question is - how can I empty the bin and recover the space taken up by these "phantom files"?

Thanks to all for your help.