I got this new laptop with windows vista home basic on it....I wanted to install bearshare onto it but the newer version would not let me search for anything else than videos or music and the older version would not work on vista for some weird reson...what is the possible solution as i want to get bearshare 5.2.5 to work on vista or dual boot is the only option that i have got for this problem


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Any ideas...clues...hints....suggestions?????


I have the same issue. Bearshare 5.2.5 runs, but after a few minutes vista gives me a message that bearshare has stopped working. Then gives an option to check online for a solution, or close the program. 10 minutes is the longest it has run before the error message comes up.

i have installed bearshare with using vista and it isnt working, please help.

looks like microsoft is tryin to get rid of p2p file sharing...the new bearshare won't allow anyone to download anything apart from music or small videos. I d say solution to that is go back to XP or whatever and use older version of bearshare.....i m not impressed with Vista anyways.


Ok the trick to get bearshare to work on Vista to after you install Rick click on the desktop icon then click PROPERTIES,then click COMPATIBILITY then select WINDOWS XP SP2.. this works very well,I have vista on my new dell computer with Bearshare Pro 5.2.5 instaled and everything works great.. hope this works for yall..

good man, that ll sort it out then. I ll go home and give it a shot and see if it works.


You need to check with the vendor of bearshare for comptiability with windows Vista. Nothing else can be done. Check microsoft support site if they have any info.

Here is the solution for bearshare earlyversion on Vista, and any other program that refuses to work on Vista!

Open Control Panel
Open System
Click the tab on the left System Protection
Click the Advanced tab at the top of the page
Under the heading Performance, Click Settings
Now click the tab at the top Data Execution Prevention
Click Turn on DEP for all programs except...(Second option)
Now Click ADD
Browse to the loocation of the install file for bearshare and add that to the list
Now install bearshare but don't run it
Return to the System settings and repeat above procedure this time adding the bearshare.exe from (assumably...) c:/program files/bearshare.../bearshare.exe or simmilar...
It will now work
Another thing to try which I haven't is to simply try changing DEP to only work for essential Windows programs and services.
I only just thought of that idea...but not willing to screw with mine now it works
The above works for many programs that refuse to co operate with Vista and works with SP1 and all updates
Good Luck.

plx plx...somebody help me....i cant chat with people in bearshare whtz the reason????????

plx plx brother help me,,,,

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