I just noticed that whenever I go to a certain website (I've not noticed this with any other website...ever), it gives me the "this page can not be displayed" error message. That in itself isn't a big deal...except now I can not go to ANY pages after that. All I get are those same error messages...for every site.

My connection is still good, as my outlook continues to work.

I'm running IE6 on XP...I'm on a LAN w/ a fractional T-1. There is a firewall (I forget what the tech term for it is) in the switch, as enabled by my ISP. I do have Norton AntiVirus...but not the firewall.

After I reboot my computer, IE is fine...until I try that site again. The site is www.whotv.com. It's a tv station that I used to work at...and it's site should certainly be up...but for whatever reason, it doesn't like me.

I've been online all day today...w/ no problems...until this.

Any ideas?? Thanks!


no clue sounds like spyware though

try spy-bot serach and destroy and adaware >.> otherwise i cant think of anything else

I tried Spybot...and no luck. Still having this problem. I can not for the life of me figure out what the heck is wrong. I still haven't noticed any other website causing this problem.

Now it's just starting to get irritating.