I Have Win Xp With A Radeon 128mb Ddr Video Card A 2.4gig Celeron Processor And 512mb Of Ddr Ram. Only When Playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater2 My Computer Hardboots Within The First Few Seconds Of The Game I Can Play Many Other Games Without This Problem. Activision Says Update Windows. Well Like Many, I Dont Exactly "own" My Copy Of Xp Pro So It Will Not Let Me Update Xp. Just Wondering If Anyone Had Any Suggestions For Me. Should I Change The Key? Could It Be Anything Other Than The Updates? Thanks

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I have the same problem with my games
2.2GHz Celeron
768MB ram
Asus 9600XT
and stuff
I have all my drivers updated (so its not cause of them )and everything tested and I still get the same thing Im left with thinking that a Celeron cpu isnt meant for running 3D games or that my Power supply is to small to power my pc cause my games freeze and restart, espaecialy need for speed underground...

BTW when I bought my pc the man sales man asked what I would be using the pc for and I said web browsing and typing work he said ok, but if I wanted to play 3D games that I should look at the Pentium 4s or AMD and now look ...

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