OS Windows 2000
First, I have Kazaa on the computer thanks to my very whinney brother and sister. I've finally convinced my family to get rid of it, but I can't. The Control Panel's Add/Remove Program tool gives me this error when trying to uninstall Kazaa:
"Error in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\cd_clint.dll Missing Entry:ServiceRunDll"

reinstall and the remove it

You might try and do a search for that.dll file as it may be elsewhere on your system. If this is the case once found you can just return it to the same folder which your kazaa uninstall is locatedand try to uninstall again. Good luck

The clint .dll is the file that is loade for the spyware part of kaza ,if you use ad-aware or spybot to remove spyware ,you would have removed this dll .so if you reload kazaa it will reinstall the dll ,and you then should be able to remove kazaa .

Follow caperjack's suggestion and reinstall/uninstall then download and run this program...... the uninstall itself leaves a load of crap still on your computer...thi will clean it up.

The program is called kazaabegone...and you can find the link here :-