I just installed windows xp pro on my PC with a geforce 4 mx card (PCI). Howwever after installing it i get the windows loading screen but when it gets to showing the desktop i just get a blenk screen i can hear that it has loaded, I know my geforce is working in linux. It works fine when i change to use my onboard graphics but this means i am just wasting my geforce 4. Ive tried reinstalling the drivers but i still get a blank screen. I have tried google but could not find any answers.

did you disable the onboard in the bios !!

My bios doesnt have many settings but i have set it to use the PCI rather than the AGP. There is no specific option to disable the onboard graphics

There has to be ,either in the bios or a jumper setting on the motherboard . do know what mother board you have

There is no jumper on the motherboard. I have searched the website and found out what every jumper was for to see if i could overclock my cpu. And there is no option in the motherboard except to choose to use agp or pci.

By the way i could not overclock my pc either. As their are no opttions in the bios for changing the FSB either.

Well Its been my experience that if you have onboard video then there has to a way to disable it ,onboard or in the bios .link the web site you are searching so i can have a look i'll have a look .thanks

here is the info about the motherboard http://www.e4all.info/motherboards/anaheim2.htm

Click on the "Jumpers" link on that page and you'll see this:

"No jumper does set the functionality of the GMCH graphics controller.
PCI Graphics device operates automatically if PCI Graphics card is inserted."

Why it's not going to the PCI card is beyond me. That's what it says it does.

I have managed to sort it. I had to disable the graphics in the hardware settings in windows and i also hads to uninstall the drivers for the 82810 system and graphics controler. it all works now.

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