As will become evident, I am new at this. But I will try to be brief and to the point. In short: we have designed a life insurance policy whose premiums are paid by loans. The accrued annual loans + the accrued interest is paid ONLY at the death of the borrower. I am [obviously] not an Excel knowledable person. Some key points are... and then my question...

1) I have a Master (unprotected) Excel workbook (i.e., xls) by one of our employees who is no longer with us. It shows a payment ("PMT") that must be paid every year (or for just 5, 10 years);

2) the PMT is made by taking out a loan at whatever interest rate I wish to use (interest accrues & is pegged annually, and may stay the same until the borrower's age 100. I could also change every 5 years, etc., BUT...for this question assume the int. rate will be "x" from age 60 to age 100 and not change;

3) the loan + accrued interest is to be paid ONLY at the death of the borrower.

I want to change the current interest rate shown to another number. It is currently 6%. How can I do that AND have it change every other page that uses that calculation?

I understand I can give my personal e-mail address and will so advise it is: I am also happy to call someone that could help me, but I guess that is frowned on...

Thank you to whomever answers... Regards, VeroSFO

Unfortunately you need to change a lot, but only this first time.

Insert a cell that has interest rate, say E6. Every time you refer to it in a calculation put E6 rather than the Interest Rate. You can do this in two ways as follows;

1. Put E6, for example =C2*E6/100
2. Select the cell ie. =C2*(then left click on the cell E6)/100 - (useful if using seperate sheets).

Every time you need to change interest rates, change the value in E6

Hope this was the level of detail you were after, and what you wanted to achieve.