Hey everyone, I am a noobie to DanWeb my appologies if I chose the wrong forum.

Anyways, on with my question. About 2 weeks ago my home computer was acting a little funny. Started slowing down, and oddly enough it was making my text on the screen go fuzzy and got hard to read after awhile.

Then, one day I get this blue screen which read "System has caused a critical error" Some of the things I wrote down were :

"Caused by Win32k.sys"

Then at the bottom it said "Dumping physical memory" and then began counting down. It restarted a few times, but once I tried to go back to normal use of the computer it would do it again. So I ran all the needed adware,spyware & virus scanners, just to see what it would find. Found a few and cleaned/deleted them.

Still had the same issue so I tried to re-install windows, it wouldn't even let me do that. I can't remember the message but it said it was unable to finish the install.

Now, it does nothing. No boot up or anything. Power comes on, but sits at a blank screen. I have no idea what happened, I assume I need a new hd.

How can I get some information & files rom that hd to my laptop now? Or is it gone?

Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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That sounds like it may be a hardware issue other than a hard drive one. If it was simply a failed hard drive the system would still POST, but most likely get stuck at the 'Operating system not found' stage.

Might be an idea to get the system checked by a technician.

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