Hi, I can't delete a file I downloaded. It's a demo program. I tried deleting it from the C: prompt but that didn't work. I keep getting the message: This file is being used by another process. Close all applications that may be using this file and try again. Or something like that. I've got WinXP SP2. Thanks

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As per dav555's tip;

Download moveonboot from here & the file(s) you choose will be deleted on reboot.

MoveOnBoot allows you to copy, move or delete files on the next system boot. This comes in very handy, if you need to replace or delete files which are locked by other applications, loaded into memory or cannot be changed until next system boot. You could manually enter a line to the wininit files, but using MoveOnBoot is much simpler, since the program can be integrated into shell - it creates the "Copy/Move/Delete on boot" context menu item.


Try starting your computer in safe mode and deleting it from there.
Notice anything you delete from safe mode you can't find late.
Hope it helps!


Try it with GiPo@FileUtilities

I had this problem. I followed the link attached. Installed program. Told it what to do.

Shazzam the damn file is gone........

Thank you so much....

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