At first, i can't log in to my comp. then I had to use WinPE disc to go on a safe mode and just delete and transfer files since my C: drive is apparently full.

After doing all those stuff, I noticed that my volume icon on the task bar on the lower right of the screen is gone.

I went to the control panel and tried to add it but this pops up "Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar because the Volume Control program has not been installed. To install it use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel."

you guys have any advice?

please help.


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> check whether you had accidentally deleted or uninstalled your audio drivers

> Otherwise goto control panel >sounds and Audio options and have a check with the functioning of ur audio devices.

> Lastly if u cant get the sound use add/remove programs to uninstall your current audio driver and reinstall it.


I think the best solution is to delete Windows and reinstall it. I think the problem is not just for the audio drivers. May you and other problems.

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